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Cotterill Construction Provide a range of construction services for all your building needs.

Cotterill Construction is a family-run business, and we pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship. We can undertake all building works from the smallest job to the largest, and we will always provide you with an honest and competitive quote.

We have over 30 years of experience in the piling and building trade and take great pride in our reputation for quality workmanship.

We are fully insured for your peace of mind and can provide references upon request.

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Preparation of the site Is the first item we will take care of. This would include things like demolishing and Carting away any Pre-existing conservatory/extension/building.


Excavation of foundations and removal from the site is a complex process requiring an experienced contractor to ensure the job is done correctly to remove hazardous materials or to prepare an area for construction work.

Mini Piling

We offer Mini piling solutions from 100mm to 220mm diameter piles. These mini piles are used to construct garages, carports and other small buildings. They are also used in constructing retaining walls, seawalls, and many other projects.

Structural Repairs

Experience the benefits of our structural repair services for domestic and commercial buildings. We provide reliable, fast and cost-effective solutions to ensure the structural integrity of your property.


Traditional underpinning is used for sites that have Subsidence issues and is also used in basement conversions.

Steel Reinforcement

Experience the assurance of having your steel reinforcement project handled by experts. Our team of structural engineers can design and fabricate steel beams, providing you with a sturdy and reliable structure.


Make your project dreams a reality with our concrete services. Get the job done fast and expertly with our experienced team, who specialize in laying concrete for footings and slabs. We provide professional concrete laying services for your home or business.

Structural Engineers Designs

We provide Structural Engineer’s Designs and Calculations for any property. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure your project is completed to the highest standard, guaranteeing you get the best results.


When it comes to basements, we generally come across three types.
Each type will have similar construction methods, which must be handled correctly to ensure success.
However, this does not mean each project is the same.
Every project we come across will have its own set of challenges, meaning we treat each project individually and will asses all aspects of the project and its foundations to create a game plan specific for each project to guarantee a successful basement conversion.

Existing House/New Basement

Type one is an existing building where the customer/owner wants to create a basement; this requires the whole building to have its foundations to be lowered to an appropriate depth.
To do this, we would slowly and strategically start excavating the ground beneath the building to gain access to the existing foundations; once exposed, we can then undertake the underpinning of the foundation.
This method of underpinning allows us to safely lower the level of the foundations while ensuring the existing structure is always stable with no risk of damage or collapse.
This process would be done for the entire footprint of the building until it is all lowered to the desired depth set by the architect.

Existing Building/Existing Basement/Cellar

In type two, there is already a sub-surface space, either made due to a large subfloor, created due to ground level, or there is already a basement/cellar in place.
In this situation, the reason for needing a conversion is that the existing basement/cellar/subfloor void is not deep enough to make a comfortable/ spacious or liveable space.
For these reasons, the basement floor needs to be lowered; this requires a similar type of underpinning as in type one but would not need to be as deep due to a void already being placed.


In type three, the basement is included in the construction of a newbuild house.
This construction type is relatively the most simple as there is no existing structure to work around.
During the construction of the newbuild, the basement area would be excavated first, creating the space for the foundations to be installed.
Once the basement foundations, floor and walls are formed, the rest of the above-ground construction can be undertaken and completed.

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