Mini Piling Knutsford

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Mini Piling Knutsford

Mini Piling Knutsford was for a new build development where a single property was being constructed.
The project was being built eco-friendly using a pre-made timber frame system. This meant the foundations for the building had to be completed to a strict tolerance to ensure the pre-made frame could be built with no issue.

Cotterill Construction, we were proud to be a part of a new build development in Knutsford where a single eco-friendly property was constructed.

Mini Piling Knutsford

The project was designed with sustainability in mind, using a pre-made timber frame system. This required high precision and attention to detail in the foundation work, as the entire project’s success depended on a solid foundation that could support the pre-made frame.

Our team of experienced professionals worked tirelessly to ensure that the foundation was completed to the strictest tolerances, enabling the seamless integration of the pre-made frame and the completion of an environmentally conscious building.

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